Optimum Marketstrat International Inc. started on March 1, 2009, launching Calcium Cee as its carrier brand, successfully making the product competitive in an otherwise crowded market.

Soon after, Optimum acquired Barley Max, and then Jeunesse, expanding its repertoire and personnel to include its own sales associates. Since then, the company has continued its growth as a professional distribution company, providing marketing expertise, connections, and exemplary service to its partners.



To be at the forefront of marketing and distribution in the country, through maintaining a network of important connections with the clientele, and through the care and attention in the service that we will continue to provide to our partners. We envision a continued pursuit of expansion into new ventures, further cementing our presence in the Philippines.



Optimum is a company committed to excelling in the marketing & distribution of health and wellness products. We seek to continue creating meaningful connections with and adding value to our network of employees, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders, as we help extend their high quality products to the communities we serve anywhere in the country.